Our Mission:
We are a diverse, nonpartisan group of individuals and organizations working together to create
racial/ethnic equality and justice and systemic change within the Tampa area.

We value:
1. Respect the intrinsic moral and spiritual value of all persons.
2. Value participants as co-creators of this organization.
3. Believe in the power of grass roots democracy to promote and sustain healthy communities.
4. Build upon the courageous examples of non-violent strategic activism of Martin Luther King,
Jr., Caesar Chavez, Mohandas Gandhi, Rosa Parks, and Dorothy Day.

Our Goals:

1. To understand the needs of this community within the context of racial/ethnic equality and justice.
2. To understand the dynamics of racial/ethnic inequality and injustice within the context of
political, educational, economic, religious, and family systems.
3. To heighten awareness of racial/ethnic inequality and injustice in the Tampa area.
4. To heighten awareness and experience the benefits of living in a diverse, respectful, and just

We accomplish our goals by:
1. Building a core decision-making group based upon consensus and shared leadership.
2. Planning, leading, and implementing initiatives in the Tampa area.
3. Exploring, learning, teaching, and implementing a variety of strategies to eliminate
discriminatory practices and foster racial/ethnic equality and justice.
4. Bringing diverse people together in constructive, enriching activities so that relationships
among all groups are improved.